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Rudy Project Cutline Spare Lenses in Transparent

Rudy Project Cutline Spare Lenses in Transparent

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RP OPTICS TRANSPARENT interchangeable lens designed for Rudy Project Cutline sports glasses. It is dedicated to sports activities in direct sunlight and improves the contrast of vision and reduces glare. But above all, it offers high eye protection, increased visual resolution and a sharper image.
The RP OPTICS TRANSPARENT lens has a category 0 filter (out of 3) and a light transmission of 90.7%. At the same time, it protects against harmful UV rays up to 400 nm.
The wide-angle lens shape ensures maximum visibility while driving and protects the eyes against wind, dust and weather conditions.
Thanks to the Quick Change system, its replacement is extremely simple and fast. Ventilation holes in the lens prevent unwanted evaporation and actively support ventilation.
The RP OPTICS TRANSPARENT lens is a visual quality never seen before.
Activity CYCLING
Color Multicolor
Collection Summer
Product code LE631103-nd
Mark Rudy Project

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