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Rudy Project Helmet Rush Black/White Shiny Small for Road Mountain Bike Outdoor Bicycle Sports (51 - 55 cm)

Rudy Project Helmet Rush Black/White Shiny Small for Road Mountain Bike Outdoor Bicycle Sports (51 - 55 cm)

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The Rudy Project Rush is the helmet dedicated to those who want to combine performance and excellent value.
Rush integrates the advanced Rudy Project technology to provide protection and comfort all while maintaining a very competitive price. Rush is available in three different sizes to always provide an optimum fit. The Rush features a compact and linear design enhanced by a system of 21 vents. It combines all the characteristics of a technically advanced helmet with a dynamic, confident look. The Rush is delivered with inner pads, strap adjuster, R.S.R. 7 retention system and Snap visor.
In-Mold Technology
In-molding is the process of bonding the helmet’s hard outer shell to its EPS foam layer to provide a sturdier, more solid helmet. The EPS foam is shot into the thin Microshell cap when it is in the mold. so they become lighter and got more structural integrity, than other helmets.

Inner pads (double padding)
The paddings are made of microporous foam with anti allergic and sweat resistant fabric. The form and position of the shell, in combination with the rotor, made it comfortable and extremely secure.

Retention System
Accidental knocks when cycling can cause sudden movements of your helmet in every direction. Therefore it is essential that your helmet is totally secure to prevent it from detaching from your head and resulting in dangerous knocks. Especially suitable for narrow and long heads Sterling adopts the R.S.R. 7 Disc retention system equipped with a rotating disk providing micro metric adjustment with one hand even while on the move, and two height adjustable positions.

Fastex System
The Fastex system consists of a simple and quick snap-lock buckle for securing the throat strap which is ergonomically shaped and ensures perfect regulation and maximum stability.

Air Flow Microchannel
Keeping your head cool and dry is essential for maintaining performance at the highest levels. Thanks to the shape and the positioning of the 21 external air openings and the unique air channels inside the cap, our helmets are perfectly ventilated and very comfortable.

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