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Rudy Project Spare Lenses For Rydon In Smoke Black

Rudy Project Spare Lenses For Rydon In Smoke Black

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The Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses.

The Rudy Project Rydon is considered by many of the worlds top cyclists to be the sunglasses model for use in competition. Unifying advanced design technology and cutting-edge materials; the Rudy Project engineers have created a stunning wrap-around masterpiece. The Rudy Project Rydon is a durable, super-lightweight, versatile, high performance sunglass.

The materials employed in the design of the Rudy Project Rydon include aluminium, titanium and carbon, which have not only allowed the weight and design limits to be pushed in the laboratory, but also allow for small adjustments of the finished product in the arm and temple area to ensure the optimal fit for the wearer. In addition to this adjustable nose pads allow a degree of customisation also.

Interchangeable lenses are another excellent feature of the Rudy Project cycling sunglass model. The Rudy Project Rydon is sold with one pair of lenses as standard, but numerous other lens options are available as separate items, and these allow the wearer to adapt very effectively to different light and weather conditions. The Rudy Project Rydon has also been designed to accommodate the FR700000 the optical optical clip-on (displayed below), which allows our expert laboratory technicians to meet the requirements of the majority of clients.

The Rudy Project Rydon is supplied with a two-year manufacturers warranty as standard. The Rudy Project Rydon is presented in a stylish protective hard case, but is also sold as standard with a soft cloth case, which not only helps to protect the sunglasses but is also recommended as suitable for cleaning the lenses.

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