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Rudy Project Rydon Spare Lenses in Multilaser Green

Rudy Project Rydon Spare Lenses in Multilaser Green

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Polar 3FX HDR LASER GREEN removable lenses designed for Rudy Project RYDON glasses. Dedicated to practicing sports during hot summer days. They improve contrast and increase safety during riding. Above all, it provides high eye protection, increased vision resolution and a sharper image.
Polar 3FX HDR Laser Green lenses are designed to filter glare from car headlights, sunlight and refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces such as water and snow. Polar 3FX lenses are equipped with HDR filter. Its role is to maximize user safety by improving contrast in the city, mountains or road conditions.
Polar 3FX Laser Grey lenses feature 3 category filter and light transmittance at the level of 16%. Perfect for sunny days. Ventilation holes located in the lens prevents from fogging and ensures ventilation.
Polar 3FX HDR Laser Green lenses provides perfect visibility. Thanks to them, you see more than you can imagine.
Lenses Polar 3FX HDR HDR Multilaser Green polarizing lens
Color Red
Collection Summer
Product code LE7961-n-d
Brand Rudy Project

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